Bidding agent

Bidding agent

1. Plan and formulate bidding schemes or assist in handling relevant approval procedures, including preparing pre-qualification announcement and pre-qualification documents for sale, assisting the tenderee in organizing qualification review, preparing and issuing bidding documents;

2, organize potential bidders to visit the site and answer questions, issue clarification documents, organize bid opening;

3. Cooperate with the tenderer to set up the bid evaluation committee, assist the bid evaluation committee to complete the bid evaluation and bid evaluation report, assist the bid evaluation committee to recommend the successful candidate and handle the publicity of the successful candidate;

4. Assist the tenderee in bidding, issue the notification of winning the bid, handle the announcement of winning the bid, and draft the contract;

5, assist the tenderee to tender and bid supervision department to handle the relevant tender and bid reports and records; 

6. Other consulting services entrusted by the tenderer。